Blue Bonnet Rebranding | Academic packaging project

personal academic project | november 2015 - december 2015

This packaging project is created as an academic exercise in rebranding and packaging an existing brand's product. The company Bluebonnet was chosen to rebrand, with the goal of creating a natural look and feel to the new logo and style identity, while still maintaining the core principles of the brand like its natural, Texan roots. 

The vitamins are packaged in matte black tins to protect the ingredients from UV rays. A band around the sides seals the contents, and the label clearly conveys the contents in a readable yet stylish fashion. The box containing the tins is folded and cinched at the top with twine as a nod to the farming roots of the product. The box unfolds to reveal a protective layer of unbleached parchment paper protecting the tin inside.

The labels and barcodes of this product conform to FDA regulations of supplement packaging, and this product is designed to be vegan and organic certified.

I am in no way associated with the company Bluebonnet or its affiliates.