Full card game - "Rap God"


Rap God is a card game imagined, built, illustrated and printed as a study in design systems, and how to clearly illustrate a system with rules, guidelines and a goal. The game was built using the classic game Gin Rummy as a base, but taking the game in a modern direction by using the images and lyrics of popular rappers as matched cards. 

The goal of this project was to create a fun, fast-paced game with a modern twist, that would draw in audiences not normally interested in cards. The humor and vulgarity of the lyrics used in the game mechanics draws a younger audience while keeping interest as each card is unique and colorfully designed. 

Full instructions for how the game is played can be found in the gallery below. The game comes with 120 cards, a matching box, and instructions inserted into the box.

Game box

Box back

An average hand

Card backs

All 12 card variations, each printed 10 times for the full deck

Instructions for gameplay, printed and included with the deck (Click image to expand)