Liz Holland
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App Design & Thesis Project - "Pocket Cop"

App design: "Pocket cop" | BFA thesis project

bfa thesis project
september 2015 - may 2016

Pocket Cop is a mobile app designed to read metadata from phone records like photos and text messages, then use that data to file an online police report with your local police department. The app is the answer to a growing gap between a generation of young people who increasingly use texts for communication and a police department that shows little interest in streamlining the experience of filing a report. Pocket Cop is designed for filing reports for crimes like harassment and stalking that may occur primarily over mobile phones-- and crimes that many young people find difficult to report.

I designed, prototyped, and marketed Pocket Cop as my thesis project for my BFA degree. The concept stems from a concern I've had since I became interested in UX design, and I was excited to execute it for my thesis project. It was also my first time prototyping the app, and it was available as a working demo for the public opening of the BFA Expo at Cornish College. This project taught me about designing an entire user experience, project documentation, and the art to pitching an idea to the public.

The app was well-received by my peers and fellow design professionals, with a hope that the project would one day develop into a real, living app.

Display setup for the exhibition space

Display setup for the exhibition space

Simple motion study used to show how the app interactions are executed.



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