Liz Holland


Packaging: Vodka brand "BKL 1926"


This packaging project is an academic project where I was challenged to come up with a complete identity and package for an imaginary brand called "BKL 1926". I was given the parameters of the bottle needing to be targeted towards the age group of 30 - 50 year old, affluent people. The brand was imagined to be named after the first female mayor in the U.S., who was in strong favor of the prohibition movement.

From this I created a bottle that reflects the style of women in the 1920s, with a slightly modern flair. With a gold leaf label and pearls around the neck, the bottle was created to reflect the showy fashion of the day. The back is painted in matte white to provide a backdrop for the gold label.

In addition to its elaborate exterior, the bottle also holds a small compartment in the top that, when opened via a small pearl cork, releases edible gold dust into the bottle. 

This showy yet classy brand is ideal for any fan of the iconic, stylish 1920s woman.