Liz Holland

College Extension Program Identity Re-Design

Identity redesign: Cornish college extension program

Cornish college of the arts
January 2016 - february 2016

I was selected as part of a group of students at Cornish College of the Arts to create a full company identity for Cornish's extension program, which includes summer and pre-college programs. Our parameters were that we had to finish the full identity design in a span of five weeks, and that assets had to include a logo, web/mobile designs, business papers, merchandise, and anything else we could add to strengthen the brand. 

I chose to go the direction of developing my design around the name "Cornish Arts Plus", a name chosen by the Cornish extension program committee as being a possible name for the new brand. I chose to go in the direction of using the color yellow after juggling with several bright, inviting colors to contrast with the typical Cornish red. I developed the logo with a slight bubble to the lettering in order to distinguish the logo from the stark edges and corners of the standard Cornish logo.

In just five weeks, I developed a full identity with weekly guidance from the committee. My process and development is shown below.


Merchandise Examples

Merchandise Examples

Finished Designs

Process Work