Liz Holland
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Savers Nonprofit Partner Conference 2017


Savers 2017 Nonprofit Partner Conference - Las Vegas, Nevada

march 2017 – may 2017

Every two years, Savers hosts a conference for its nonprofit partners in a select city, where it showcases its tools, successes and challenges in the retail business, as well as the business of textile recycling. The conference is attended by representatives from nonprofits all over the world, ranging from Big Brothers Big Sisters to the Epilepsy Foundation to the Arc. The total number of attendees is about 200, representing over 70 nonprofit organizations.

I was the designer assigned to work on the materials for the conference, directing and executing over 300 individual pieces of collateral that were distributed to the attendees and staff. I also created all of the powerpoint presentations that were presented over a period of two days by the CEO and COO of Savers, along with other executives from Savers presenting at the conference. Traveling with the team, I worked as tech support and on-site design support for any changes that came through to printed collateral, or to the powerpoint presentations.

The conference was widely praised by the company for being the most professional, smoothly executed Partner Conference the company has led in the history of hosting the conference. 

Samples of the work from the conference can be seen in the gallery below.



Select pages - conference handbook


event snapshots