Liz Holland

Print & Packaging

print & PAckaging

vinted USA magazine - issue one

Worked on a team of three designers hand-picked by Vinted USA to develop a fashion and lifestyle magazine curated by members of the Vinted community.

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Re-brand and Packaging  - BlueBonnet Supplements

Complete rebrand and new packaging design for Bluebonnet as an academic project. Compliant with FDA regulations on supplements and includes readable barcode.

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full magazine - m.du (travel dubai)

Complete magazine with hand-picked content designed to showcase the travel and fashion culture in modern Dubai. 

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Homeless veterans assistance kits - "On your feet"

Handout kits created to assist homeless veterans in the Seattle metro area.

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original card game - "rap God"

Full 120-card set of an original card game. A study in systems and user interaction, with all of the game mechanics and rules original to this game. Based off of the classic game Gin Rummy.

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Book blad - "The art of skateboard design"

Book blad used to showcase content for a skateboard design book.

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Packaging project: "Bkl 1926" vodka

Packaging and branding project for a themed vodka with the imagined brand "BKL 1926". Based off of 1920s womens' fashion. 

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Album art series - moombahton collection

A collection of album covers created in a series focusing on the music genre of moombahton. Created for an academic project; not associated with the artists.

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