Liz Holland

TV gLitter - Show Poster, Digital Branding

TV glitter | show poster, digital branding - Feb. 28th

january 2017

This project was done for an independent artist looking to kickstart their professional look in a retro/modern fusion design style, with rich colors and a spaceship motif. I worked with the artist to create a poster, postcard, Facebook event asset pack, and small digital icons that could all be shared online and in the local community through printed material. 

The typographic style chosen is a more gritty, blocky approach that correlates to the artist style of digital drone/minimalist music with its retro computer interface style. Illustration style is flat, with blocky, basic lines and shapes to give a nod to the retro, minimalist style the artist picked as an influence for how they would like their work advertised. Texture is overlaid on the designs to convey a "weathered" look to the material, as if it is truly an old, scanned poster from the space age. 

Posters and other materials were received well by the artist and the audience, and posters were hung all over the local community businesses in the city of Everett, Washington.