Liz Holland

Savers/Value Village - Halloween 2016

Savers/Value Village | halloween 2016 Campaign

Theme & Tagline for Campaign

Theme & Tagline for Campaign


While working as a designer for the Savers company, I had the privilege of working with Wexley School for Girls (a Seattle design agency) in order to successfully launch the company's most successful Halloween campaign to date. Design direction headed up by Wexley, the Halloween campaign was geared towards a textural, bright and playful theme that incorporated the unique DIY look the brand holds throughout the rest of the year.

My role in the campaign was to tie together our digital assets, including email campaigns, social media posts, website assets, and digital advertising. Throughout the campaign, I created ads that were served to specifically targeted audiences such as Spotify users, YouTube viewers, and even people watching the premier of the new season of The Walking Dead. Total impressions for the Halloween digital campaign surpassed 45 million in both the US and Canada.

Through this campaign, I learned about how to incorporate outside design direction into my own work, and how to successfully connect assets from a design firm into a corporate design environment. My digital design work for the Halloween campaign was praised by company executives as being our best Halloween campaign design in company history.